One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro and one of the most famous in Brazil. We work with the mission of transporting people to a world of enchantment, leisure and entertainment, generating happy, unforgettable experiences that value Brazilian culture. We constantly invest in safety, comfort and innovation. We are a natural, geological, historical and tourist landmark in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Natural landmark, for being a reference for the navigators who come to Guanabara Bay. Geological landmark, as it is a geological site with precise dates of the history of the planet. Historical landmark, because at his feet, Estácio de Sá, on March 1, 1565, founded the City of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro. And, a tourist landmark, because the inauguration of the Pão de Açúcar cable car projected the name of Brazil abroad. We were the first cable car installed in Brazil and the third in the world.